Monday, 29 October 2007

nazirah oo nazirah..



my first time blogging...thanks to nazirah who kept insisting me to write blog. i did not bother to write/read people's blogs before because i thought it s all about people's diary..nothing less. full stop. but nazirah convinced me that writing blog can be a means of dakwah...if your intention to write is because you wish that people will gain something in their life from their reading..insyaalah you may someday touch and reach their heart. I started to think. yes! you are right, nazi....

Now, I am in Sheffield, miles away from home. Away from family. Away from friends (or the exact word, Akhowat) who really care about me. Away from Biah Solehah. But I believe that's not the reason for anybody of us to escape from continuing the WAY OF LIFE that we had preserved.


I must tell something. I miss the people who showed me the Beauty of Islam. I miss the people who showed me The Sweetness of Ukhwah and Mahabbah. I miss everyone who had touched and reached my heart with Islam as the main ingredient in their approaches. I am sure you know who I am talking about. Their are all my sisters. My sisters who were never say NO when I asked for help and guidance. My sisters who were holding my hands tightly when I was about to collapse.

I miss the moment we first time met together.
I miss the moment we started to know each other.
I miss the moment we were laughing and crying together.
I wish our LOVE will be always blossom forever.